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Where Modern Meets Timeless

Unison designs and curates a selection of modern home furnishings, specializing in textiles distinguished by unique pattern and timeless quality. We seek out and collaborate with an array of artists and designers, offering distinctive decor, furniture, and dining pieces that infuse homes with the clean beauty and functional substance of modern design.

What does it mean to stand in Unison? It’s where modern meets timeless, where original joins with versatile, where quality and transparency move forward in lockstep. This is our intersection, the space where our team sits rooted in modern perspective.

European Connection

Unison maintains a start-to-finish focus on integrity and transparency, sustaining an unwavering commitment to superior labor conditions and responsible manufacturing.

Creative Collaboration

We’re inviting artists, designers, manufacturers, and shoppers to embrace clean, simple living. We’re redefining value as a fusion of superior product and sustainable production—a celebration of the human hands behind every item in our homes. We’re standing, in Unison, for beauty, integrity, and the uncompromising pursuit of great design.