Where modern meets timeless
Unison designs and sells modern home fashions, specializing in textiles and soft goods distinguished by bold color, unique pattern, and timeless quality. We seek out and collaborate with an array of independent artists and designers, offering distinctive accessories, hard goods, and art that infuse homes with the clean beauty and functional substance of modern American design. What does it mean to stand in Unison? What does it mean to plant our flag here, where modern meets timeless, where original joins with versatile, where quality and transparency move forward in lockstep? This is our intersection, the space where our team sits rooted in modern perspective. Here, we’re collaborating on behalf of bold color and unique pattern.

hand made &


Whenever possible we manufacture our
products and textile goods with the
highest quality and no compromise,
working with some of the oldest and best
mills in the world. Working with sewers
right in Chicago, allows us to oversee the
many details of our domestically
produced items.

Artisan quality

hand printing in Rhode Island

designed in chicago

Creative Collaboration

European Connection

Unison maintains a start-to-finish focus on integrity
and transparency, sustaining an unwavering
commitment to superior labor conditions and
responsible manufacturing.

Creative Collaboration
We’re inviting artists, designers, manufacturers, and shoppers to embrace clean, simple living. We’re redefining value as a fusion of superior product and sustainable production—a celebration of the human hands behind every item in our homes. We’re standing, in Unison, for beauty, integrity, and the uncompromising pursuit of great design
Susan Dwyer

Susan Dwyer of Up In The Air Somewhere is one of our favorites. A Chicago designer who creates elegant ceramics inspired by the positive and negative spaces around her. Shop Susan Dwyer for Unison.

Stephen Eichhorn

The supremely talented Chicago-based artist who is infatuated by orchids, cacti and cats. We worked with Stephen to translate some of his collage work to fabric. Shop Stephen Eichhorn for Unison.

Angela Finney

Formerly Chicago-based retailer and interior designer, Angela is a now a senior designer at SHoP Architects in New York. We commissioned Angela to create a series of one-of-a-kind art pieces. Shop Angela Finney for Unison.

Alex Fuller

Alex Fuller is a SVP Design Director at the Leo Burnett Dept. of Design, co-founder of the artist collaborative, The Post Family and founder of 5 x 7 art books. Alex also enjoys playing his guitars, riding his bike to work, drawing squares and looking at picture books. Shop Alex Fuller for Unison.

Jason Gregory

Founder of Makr Carry Goods, a forerunner of superior hand crafted, made in America products. Lucky we are to collaborate with them, bringing our printed canvas to life in the very classic Makr A-Strap Tote.

Cody Hudson

Artist, designer extraordinaire and serial entrepreneur, he certainly is a truly humble, down to earth, soft spoken man. We work with Cody to develop his art pieces into happy patterns for kids rooms. Shop Cody Hudson for Unison.

Roy Katz and Tayna Fleisher 

Owners Roy Katz and Tayna Fleisher are committed to creating affordable products, meant to last. We partnered with this wonderful bag company for a summer collection of totes and zipper bags.

Hillery Rebeka Sproatt

A most thoughtful artist and creative, Hillery is happiest making things by hand, painting, embroidering and weaving. We collaborated with her to bring our fabric scrap to life as magical dolls and mobiles. Shop HIllary Sproatt for Unison.

Chad Kouri

Chad Kouri’s studio practice is influenced by conceptual and minimalist art, design and architecture, ethnography, visual literacy, and jazz. He is best known as a co-founder of the Chicago-based art and design incubator, The Post Family, and has exhibited his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Johalla Projects (Chicago) and Apexart (New York). Shop Chad Kouri for Unison.

Matthew Hoffman

Matthew Hoffman is a Chicago-based artist and designer whose public works have been exhibited internationally. Matthew is the Custodian of You Are Beautiful, a project to better the world in little ways. The message has reached every corner of the globe, with over 2 millions stickers shared. Shop Matthew Hoffman for Unison.

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